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The Santa Cruz County Regional Occupational Program (ROP) provides students with the opportunity to acquire academic, career and technical skills and to prepare for life-long learning and success in the changing workplace.

ROP Students training for Career and College readiness.

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On the Big Screen to a Full House: Reel Fresh Showcases ROP Student Films

On Saturday, November 15, 2014, the Regional Occupational Program (ROP) Video Production students screened their work at the Rio Theater as part of the Santa Cruz Film Festival. The student show, Reel Fresh, has been a part of the film festival for the past five years. The short films shown this year were the products of students enrolled in the ROP Video Production classes at Santa Cruz, San Lorenzo Valley, Harbor, and Aptos High Schools. This year's films showcased the students' skills in advanced techniques and emerging technologies including the use of drone footage, underwater cinematography and computer animation. The screening included music videos, documentaries, animations, action films and short form experimental narratives. Santa Cruz High student Diego Diaz-Lundquist said, "It's a dream come true.. It's definitely the best thing at school. It's why I wake up every day."

While the ROP Video Production class teaches students the technical aspects of film production, story development remains a crucial part of the curriculum as well. Students enrolled in these classes receive an excellent foundation for pursuing a career in video production. Instruction includes scriptwriting, camera composition, sound recording, editing, motion graphics, and animation. While producing videos, students learn valuable workplace skills including teamwork, time management, and problem solving. .I took ROP Photography last year, which was a gateway to ROP Video Production,. said Nick Brenkwitz, senior at Harbor High School, "They really go hand in hand. I utilize a lot of the stuff I learned in photography in video and I like it a lot."

Creating meaningful video is a valuable component of global visual communications skills and ROP is dedicated to equipping students with the skills to compete in the current marketplace.

How Educators are working to save career courses

When Capitola Police Chief Rudy Escalante was a Santa Cruz High student 35 years ago, he took a criminal justice class from professional law enforcement officials through the county's Regional Occupation Program, and it affirmed his desire to be a cop.

Now he's lending his expertise to the next generation as an ROP instructor, leading a course at Soquel High School called Criminal Justice: Contemporary Perspectives."

You get to experience things you just can't get out of a book, Escalante said, noting the opportunity to share volumes about his decades of work and what he seeks when hiring officers.

Seniors Chris Sellado, who wants to be a police officer and serve on a SWAT team, and Karina Lara, who said the elective challenges her writing skills, are on campus an hour early at 7:25 a.m. with junior George Navarro and other classmates just to take the free course.

It's interesting, I actually pay attention, Navarro said. Read the Full Story

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