Drive your future


“Many of us sit in the back seat of life and let someone else do all the driving! To set the course in the direction that you want, you need to take the WHEEL! You have to DRIVE”

~Judy Bingham


Take the WHEEL and discover the best road for you right now to take control of your life and DRIVE YOUR FUTURE.  Where are you now on the road? Read each STOP below and choose the STOP sign that best describes where you are in planning your future.


stop11 Are you unsure of your future career choices?

Ü      Don’t know which career would be the best match for your personality and interests?

Ü      Do you want to know about career options?

Ü      Do you know what career field you want to go into (i.e. health, law enforcement, education) but are unsure of the career options within that field?

Ü      Click Here for more information on careers



Do you know what career you are interested in?


Ü      Do you need more information of what education and training are necessary for this career?

Ü      Do you know where to go to get the education or training necessary for your career choice?

Ü      Click Here for more information on education and career training



Do you know where you want to go for your future education or training?


Ü      Are you unclear what major or career area to pursue at the institution?

Ü      Do you need to know more about the institution or training program you are interested in?

Ü      Click Here for more information on specific education and training programs



Congratulations, you have an idea of your career goal and where you want to get your education or training!

Ü      Are you satisfied with your future career and educational choices?

Ü      Now you need an action plan to pursue your career and education goals!

Ü      Click Here to begin developing your action plan