First Leaf gets a home

During the first week of February, the San Lorenzo Valley School Board approved the lease and operating agreement to allow SchoolGrown to place and operate a LEAF greenhouse at San Lorenzo Valley High School, in Felton, CA.

Many people came together to make this happen. There is one person we would like to recognize for helping make SLVHS the first school to host a SchoolGrown LEAF greenhouse. That person is ROP instructor, David Grant. Mr. Grant has developed an aquaculture program that includes: fish breeding, multiple outdoor fish tanks, and has introduced the class to aquaponics. Adding a LEAF greenhouse extends this experience. Students will be able to apply their knowledge in an environment that has an integrated business model. Further preparing them for a successful future.i

Over the next couple weeks, the schedule for the build will be announced on a webpage dedicated to LEAF #1. If you live in the area, there will be opportunity to volunteer and be part of this exciting moment. Additionally, the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) registration will be added to the same page.

Learn more at: SchoolGrown