FoodLab at Pacific Elementary School

Pacific Elementary School Principal, Eric Gross, recently shared with the Santa Cruz County Office of Education's (SCCOE) Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEP) Program's coordinator, Dr. Steven T. Hoy, the scope and sequence of their award winning FoodLab program for his students. Upon further review of their website, it revealed the excellent job the school's program offers the students toward an introduction into career technical education (CTE) opportunities, specifically, in the Culinary Arts industry sector. The FoodLab's purview encompasses much more than your regular entry level Home Economics course.

This exciting program focuses the student learning toward: kitchen skills, connection to their life lab, opportunities to learn about our rich agricultural community, cultural and historical connections with food, applied math and science skills, and developing social skills. These six focal points are the foundational areas the students have to explore further towards the development of their critical thinking skills necessary to navigate career development opportunities in the 21st Century.

Mr. Gross shared, "I think of it as an elementary version of CTE. Each of the kids has a job and works as part of the team to make a product that is meaningful, real, and appreciated. We continue to be committed to making our surrounding community more well informed when it comes to students' education about healthy nutrition and career opportunities in the culinary industry and beyond."

We invite you to explore the Pacific Elementary School website to see how your school can accomplish similar student outcomes towards early childhood CTE development.

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