About the Santa Cruz Regional Occupational Program

The Santa Cruz County Regional Occupational Program (ROP)provides students with the opportunity to acquire career training and technical skills that prepare them for success in a changing workplace and continuing education. ROP, a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited program of the Santa Cruz County Office of Education offered in cooperation with county high school districts and the local business community provides job training for youth 16 and older and some adults (currently restricted to a few programs). ROP works closely with local employers and many classes offer on-the-job training (internship). While there is no formal placement process, follow-up studies of our students indicate program completers have a high rate of job placement.

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Recent studies show that our high school

* Are paid more on their jobs than non-ROP students
* Are one third more likely to get promoted on their jobs than non-ROP students
* Are less likely to miss school than non-ROP students
* Graduate with their class 96% of the time
* Continue in further education or an ROP training related job 75% of the time

Our adult ROP students continue in further education or an ROP training related job 84% of the time.

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