WASC Accreditation

WASC visited ROP, March 9, 2016. Many thanks to the WASC Visiting Team and all those that participated in making it a successful visit.

Read the 2016 Midcycle Report

ROP Leadership Team

  • Mark Hodges, ROP Director
  • Jim Howes, Assistant Director
  • Sheri Williams, Program Coordinator
  • Fidel Mejia-Gutierrez, Technology Coordinator
  • Deb Tracy, Medical Pathways Coordinator
  • Karen Lemon, Middle Schools Coordinator
  • Michele Cuartilon, Department Coordinator
  • Heather Hutchison, Fiscal Accountant

WASC Accreditation Site

ESLR Poster (20x30 PDF)

ESLR Handout (8.5x11 PDF)

ESLR Descriptions

Archived reports from previous visit

WASC Report 2013

2013 WASC Self-Study( PDF)

WASC Committee Highlights

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